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Support for McAfee Antivirus by Our Tech Experts


About McAfee TechMaster

McAfee TechMaster team mumbers harware, software and the Internet has proven expertise. The only thing that we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

We have the best in class with issue resolution rate has handled more than 500,000 technical transactions.

We've got world-class customer satisfaction scores. That can be fixed if TI, means we will fix it. Otherwise, you get your money back. It's so easy.


Mcafee TechCheck 

McAfee TechCheck equipment computer software or hardware issues that may affect the performance of your PC to identify the scans.

Operating system, network and browser configration, hardware and peripheral divices and checks for issues with software applications.

Recognizes and flags issues which need attention in order to prevent them or a McAfee techmaster expert who personally support the best service you can avail to resolve all issues can recommend can chat with are.


How it Works

Three steps to a worry-free computer - we have made it very easy for you tech support.

You now have to solve your computer problems, follow the instructions on the phone to make it technically difficult for us to leave.

Step 1 - A Mcafee techmaster control your computer remotely
Step 2 - Our specialists diagnose your PC problems and fixes them
Step 3 - Customize your PC and it works the way it should


We have the best-in-class secure remote access to your computer to use technology to connect and troubleshoot. Once you authorize Romote connection, you sit back and relax and take our Masters can solve complex issues in no time.

Diagnose & Fix:

We have automated tools to help solve computer issues to the fast. Other complex issues, our techs are subject matter experts in what they do - which is why our service (s) to provide money back guarantee.


Troubleshooting a secret recipe and we do not intend to keep it that way. Our technicians during troubleshooting to answer any questions you may have will be happy. We also help you with some useful tips and tricks to help you maintain optimal performance computer and will prevent future security threats.

McAfee Virtual Technician

It can diagnose and fix many problems related to your McAfee product. For problems it can't fix, it collects information to make Search and Chat more effective.

Mcafee FAQs and Search

If McAfee Virtual Technician can't fix your problem or if you're accessing this site from a different computer, use our FAQs and powerful search tool to help you find answers.

Contact Technical Support

Still experiencing trouble? Contact one of our technicians who, with your permission, may remotely access your PC to resolve your issue, while you watch!